11 Ways You Can Reuse a Resealable Plastic Bag

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The resealable plastic bag has been becoming more popular as a ‘reusable’ alternative to single-use packaging.

You know the kind: they look like plastic sandwich bags but they are slightly more durable. They are marketed to us as a resealable product, but are they truly reusable or just a fancy single-use plastic bag?

Plastic packaging waste

98% of US households purchase snacks at least once a year. Almost all of these snacks come in single-use plastic packaging that is not recyclable or reusable.

Because of this, packaging accounts for 26% of the waste that ends up in US landfills every year.

Although we aren’t big fans of plastic packaging here at Waste Free Earth, we understand that we live in a world of convenience. Sometimes ya need to grab a snack that is packaged in plastic.

Alternative uses for resealable plastic bags

When looking for packaged snacks, do reach for products that come in resealable plastic packaging like Fancypants Baking Co. Upcycled Cookies to reuse again and again!

We’ve come up with 11 different ways to reuse the packaging for months to come:

1. Use for bulk shopping

Skip the single-use plastic bag at the store and bring your resealable bag for your pasta, rice, trail mix, and more. Bonus point: the bag is basically weightless for refill pricing by the ounce.

2. Use as an ice pack

Need to ice an injury? Throw some ice into the resealable bag to make your very own ice pack! You can also fill it with water and store it in the freezer for easy access.

3. Use for storage

Looking to organize the junk drawer? No problem! Take some resealable bags and organize that ‘junk’ into categories of your liking.

4. Use as a snack pack

Looking for a quick snack? Throw your favorite snacks (fruit, chips, popcorn, etc.) into the bag for on-the-go snacking.

5. Use as a cosmetic or toiletry bag

Spending the night somewhere else? Grab your travel-size toiletries and store them in the bag for compact travel. If the bag meets TSA requirements, use it to keep liquids stored during flights.

6. Use to store school or office supplies

Looking for a way to keep all the crayons in one place? Grab a bag to store them all in or even color-coordinate them into different bags. You can also do this with pens, markers, thumbtacks, paper clips, and more!

7. Use as a funnel

Don’t have a funnel at your house but need one? Take the bag and cut off one of the bottom corners and ta-da! You now have an upcycled funnel.

8. Use to crush crumbs

Making some homemade bread crumbles? Throw a cup of croutons into the bag, seal it up, and crush it away! This method works great for ice cream toppings too!

peaches frozen in resealable bag

9. Use to freeze food

Are you into meal prepping? Cut up some produce to put into the bag, seal it up, and place it in the freezer to preserve the food.

10. Take leftovers home

Out to dinner and have some leftovers? Be sure to take the resealable bag with you to put your leftovers in. The bag is easy to roll up into a purse or pocket until you need to use it.

11. Use to hold food scraps

Do you store your food scraps in the freezer? Put those food scraps into the bag and throw them in the freezer for a smell-free alternative for composting.

We recommend washing the bag after every use and not using it to store dairy products or meat, even if they have been cooked.

What other ways are you repurposing resealable bags? Let us know in the comments!

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