How to repurpose your food scraps while cooking

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zero waste cooking

It’s a typical day, you are running around the kitchen trying to prep a meal. In all the commotion, you quickly chop up your food and then are on your way to the next task. Now take a minute to think about how much food scraps you produce in a single meal on any given day. What do you do with them? Maybe you put them in the trash, feed them to your dog, or throw them into the compost. But have you thought about other ways you can use up your food scraps?

This blog goes over a few ways you can repurpose your food scraps. These tips and tricks are useful in your everyday life and especially around the holidays.

Are you ready? Lettuce begin to rethink the way you look at food scraps!



Celery, lettuce, green onions? You can actually re-grow these (and many others) once you get to the stem of them. You need 1-2 inches of the stem for it to begin to regrow, make sure to place it in water and wait for it to regrow. You can do this multiple times before it starts to lose taste. Then be sure to compost it.

Vegetable Stock

Save unwanted parts of vegetables and make them into veggie stock. You can store the vegetables in the freezer in a reusable silicon bag or ziplock (try to reuse!) Once the bag gets full, use them in this veggie stock recipe.


Enhance dips & sauces

What about herbs? Have you ever been cutting your herbs and wondered what you could do with the stem? Well, you can actually cut the stems up and use them in dips and sauces. Check out this great source for creative ways to use cilantro stems.


Bread & Jams

Do you ever wait a little too long to eat your fruit and then find that it is now overripe on your counter? Don’t compost it! Turn it into bread or jams!

You can use old bananas to make banana bread. You can also turn overripe apples, pears, and peaches into fruit jams.

Bonus Tip: Did you know orange and lemon peels are actually very useful? You can candy them or you can dehydrate them to flavor your tea.

Meat Bones

Bone Broth

It’s getting chilly outside, are you ready for soup season?! If you eat meat, be sure to save your meat bones! Meat bones make an excellent bone broth that is super easy to make. Check out this website for bone broth recipes.


Egg Replacement

Have you ever wondered if you could use the “juice” that is in a can of beans? In the past, I always threw it down the drain. But now I actually use the chickpea liquid for baking. Turns out it’s a great egg replacement and can be used when baking.

What are some of your favorite waste to reduce food waste? We love trying out new ways to be sustainable here at Waste Free Earth!

Happing re-purposing 🙂

By Kate Hoffman

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