Our Commitment to Black, Indigenous, and People Of Color

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Black lives matter today and every day.

This past month, the team at Waste Free Earth has been diving into ways we can amplify the voices of Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) and create lasting systemic change.

As the Founder and CEO of Waste Free Earth, I am embarrassed that it took me this long to push forward action steps on how my company and myself can actively be involved in racial work. I could have done more in the past, and I wholeheartedly acknowledge that.

Although our work will never be over, we have taken some time to write down our immediate and long term goals to be an inclusive and anti-racist company that fights for environmental justice and equality. We believe that racism and environmental justice are directly linked. We are here to work in solidarity with BIPOC members and take a stand.As always, we are open to feedback and suggestions on how we can do better. We are open to being corrected if we have chosen the wrong language or have come from the wrong perspective.

Short term: Steps we are taking now and will continue to take

  • More diversity in our social media and blog posts
  • Amplify BIPOC voices by sharing them on our platforms and listening to what they have to say
  • Educating ourselves through books, documentaries, and virtual panels
  • Participating in local protests, town hall meetings, panels and petitions
  • Our virtual Eco Book Club is redirecting our energy from books on adventure and environment to amplify voices for racial justice and intersectional environmentalism, especially the voices of Black, Indigenous and People of Color (BIPOC)
  • With the profits we’ve made from our “All About Waste – Kids!” e-book, we are providing students of color with the book for FREE. All future sales will honor this system and be used to donate the book to those who need it most. Minority families can request their free copy by filling out a short form – no strings attached.

Long term: Steps we are taking now to work towards the future

  • Actively researching ways to get more BIPOC members into the sustainability movement
  • We are looking into grants to get funding to have paid internships and offer mentorships for BIPOC high school students to help them gain more experience in the sustainability field before college
  • We will actively make more of an effort to hire BIPOC owned businesses when we need to contract out work for Waste Free Earth and business purchases
  • Since we are a 1% For The Planet company, we will be donating 1% of our profits for this year and moving forward to organizations that fight environmental racism and injustice
  • We are working with individuals in Burlington, Vermont to make legal information more accessible to communities who are continually marginalized and bear the effects of climate change and environmental racism.

There is so much more we can do and we will take every effort that we can. We hear you, we stand with you.

We encourage you to hold us accountable. We are here to support BIPOC members now and always. If you feel we are falling short, we will take that feedback and adjust.

Thank you,
Marina M. McCoy
Founder & CEO of Waste Free Earth

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