Burlington’s plastic film problem

Why Chittenden County needs a recovery program

plastic film

As the production of single-use plastic increases, businesses throughout Burlington, Vermont want to do their part by contributing to recycling efforts for hard to recycle items, like plastic #4 low density polyethylene (LDPE) i.e., plastic film.

There is no curbside or pick-up recycling program for plastic film in Chittenden County, leaving hundreds of businesses without an option to recycle. Most plastic film in Burlington inevitably ends up in our landfill. That’s where we come in.

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Community-shared system (n):

the collective access to resources, knowledge, and implementation that create circular procedures and eliminate waste


The tools to create sustainable change must be accessible to everyone, not just those with deep pockets.

plastic film program PHASes

Waste Free Earth LLC wants to design a community-shared system for plastic #4 recycling:

plastic film program phases

Our goal is to raise funds to launch the program in 2022.

Sponsorship Levels

Leader - $5,000
Ally - $1,500

With the support of local businesses and organizations, the Chittenden County Plastic Film Recycling Program can become a reality! All sponsorships will include your hyperlinked logo in the Partners section of this webpage. A key element of our community-shared system design is to research how to make plastic film recycling accessible to all businesses in Burlington, VT.

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