The story of Waste Free Earth: born in a sprinter van

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Waste Free Earth has been building award-winning zero waste strategies for events and businesses for over half a decade all across the United States, but do you know the backstory of our humble beginnings with our Founder, Marina McCoy?

A Sprinter Van & A Dream

When Marina graduated from college in May 2016, she wanted to build up her client base more rapidly, which meant making herself more appealing to clients. By buying a sprinter van, Marina saw it as an amazing opportunity to keep cost low for herself and her clients.

Instead of worrying about expensive flights or lodging accommodations, Marina had everything she needed in her van, including a remote office. She began signing clients immediately and would travel to each festival she could by van to continue to make her dream a reality. At the time, she didn’t have a name for her company, just a vision.

TEDx + House Sitting = Waste Free Earth

Just a few short months after graduating from Sierra Nevada University in 2016, Marina was preparing for her TEDx talk at a house she was house-sitting at in North Lake Tahoe during the fall. She had spent the last couple months after graduating in May 2016, traveling the country and setting up sustainability programs at music festivals like Campout For The Cause and Frendly Gathering. The sustainability programs were built to inspire attendees, staff, and artists to make more sustainable choices.

While on the couch, she began crafting her TEDx talk about sustainability within the music industry, when she realized it would probably be a good idea to have a company name to go under to make her ‘more credible.’ Long and behold, Waste Free Earth was born.

Days before Marina’s TEDx talk in October 2016, Waste Free Earth had a full-on social media presence with a scrappy Facebook page, Instagram, and bare-bones website. Nonetheless, Marina was incredibly proud to be turning her passion into a business once and for all.

Being A Student & Starting A Company

Although the social media presence and official registration paperwork came in 2016 and 2017, Marina had already begun doing this type of work for years while she was in school. She would slowly build up her client base each year, while also getting a double degree in BA Interdisciplinary Studies in Sustainability and a BSBA in Resort Management, in addition to being the Vice President of Student Council, amongst many other extracurricular activities.

Years later, Waste Free Earth has grown into a socially responsible company with a client base stretching from coast to coast. Marina’s mission is to inspire others to adopt zero waste behaviors through comprehensive programs, inclusive workshops, and educational content.

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